24 May 2013

No More Nappy Sacks

When Eva was born I was given a pack of Nappy Sacks. They were convenient but wasteful. I told myself that when they ran out I would buy no more... but I did.

With baby number two I have decided, really, NO MORE! I took this action months ago but wanted to wait to see if I could stick to it before blogging about it. (There are several secret actions in this category...)

When out and about I use the packaging from bread to bring dirty nappies home. I also have one 'Pea Pods' nappy bag - a wet-bag that a Pea Pod brand cloth nappy came in, a gift from a friend. Apparently all Pea Pod nappies come in these, but as I only have this one of their nappies (which doesn't work as reliably as the Baby Beehinds ones we mostly use) I have only one bag, which I wash and re-use.

I am delighted to say we are now a Nappy Sack free house.

For the uninitiated (you lucky, lucky people who have no dealings with children's poo), Nappy Sack is the brand name for little light-weight orange plastic bags designed for single-use transfer of dirty nappies into a bin. They look exactly like the bags in parks for dog poo. In fact I think they could well be the same thing rebranded.

Initial Time: A few seconds each time we finish a loaf of bread to shake the crumbs from the bag, tie it in a baby-safe knot, and store it in the nappy bag.

Initial Cost: Zero 

Ongoing time or cost commitment: This is a cost saving. Nappy Sacks cost about $8 for a pack of 300. Bread bags come free (if you buy the bread inside).

Impact: I only used Nappy Sacks when we were away from home, and I think we used 3 boxes (900 plastic bags) to get Eva through nappies and start out baby number two. Maybe four. Many people who use disposable nappies use a Nappy Sack for every nappy, even at home, which would be thousands of plastic bags. By my estimates, I will avoid putting several hundred, but no more than a thousand, little plastic bags into landfill.


  1. I ruined so many outfits and had to do the changes (sheets, blankets, etc.) in the middle of the night so many times with my son in other diapers. For a while anyone who was holding him would panic if they heard or smelled anything because those other diapers wouldn't hold his forceful breastfed pooh. These never leaked.

  2. This is a great idea! Good old bread loaf bags, they good for keeping you rbread fresh and good for carrying nappies. Thank you for sharing.