18 July 2011

Making the toilet cisterns smaller

As I mentioned in June we have been thinking hard about ways to further reduce our water usage. A recent sustainability action was to wind down the float screw in our toilet cisterns. What this means is that when the water refills after a flush it gets to about 3cm lower than it used to and the float device registers the cistern as 'full'.

Initial Time: about one minute per toilet.

Initial Cost: zero.

Ongoing time or cost commitment: zero.

Impact: Each flush is using 1-2L less water. Even on 'half flush' there is NO REDUCTION in how effective the flush is. Again I am a little embarrassed at how long it took us to do something so easy and effective.


  1. Oh Clare, I wish we had an Aussie toilet, the frustration of the super-dooper Italian job whose cistern is a mystery!

  2. Dropping in courtesy of Hannah. Congratulations on the initiative.

  3. All you need to do is put a brick or two into the cistern and this will displace the water and hence make it use less. This is an old trick from country areas where water is far more scarce.