10 June 2011

Speaking out for climate action

On Sunday Tyson joined 45,000 people around Australia for the 'Say yes' rallies. We support government action to price carbon. It needs to be matched by people making lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon usage too, but pricing carbon is crucial to making change on a large scale.

Tyson brought home about ten copies of the neighbourhood letter that was being promoted. The idea is to put your own name on it and deliver it to your neighbours. Eva helped him deliver it to houses nearest to us.

Initial Time: Attending the rally - two hours. Signing and delivering letters - about 15 minutes.

Initial Cost: Two train fares

Ongoing time or cost commitment: Zero

Impact: This one is so hard to measure! Does one voice count? Yes. How much? Impossible to say. We need many voices advocating for change. We need voices speaking out against the culture of negativity and fear that is miring this debate. We need voices talking to politicians, and talking to friends and family. We here do the small conversations too, and probably they matter more than being 1/45,000th of a rally presence, but we also need crowds in public from time to time so that the small conversations have something to anchor to, to let our friends know that we are not alone - not just their one crazy friend but part of a groundswell wanting action to stop us ruining our planet.

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